May 15

Would you like to meet my wife?

It is a simple question really. It was said with the wide smile of a newlywed who wanted to introduce me to a spouse for the very first time.

Two Brides Tree of Life by Tamara Baskin

Two Brides Tree of Life by Tamara Baskin

We had only met once before and I had not yet met her wife.

Yes her wife.

She had met me at church. Her church, a place of love and friendship and acceptance. She told me that my friend, her Pastor, had married them this past summer. They told me how they were learning to communicate as newlyweds and I thought about my own new husband and how he and I are getting to know each other’s communication styles. I asked about their life and they asked about mine. It is the same conversation that happens in fellowship halls everywhere; three or four people sitting down, relaxing and learning about each other and the Faith that brings them together.

Isn’t that what we all would like to have? A church where they love us and accept us? Friends and neighbors that want to get to know us?

My husband and I were visiting because someone important had come to preach that day. We looked forward to hearing the inspirational message of a truly great Christian who didn’t just talk the talk but indeed had walked the walk. We did not leave disappointed. We met an inspirational couple, a loving community, we met the beloved children of God.

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    • Vonnie on January 5, 2016 at 11:36 am
    • Reply

    Another beautiful and inspirational story!!

    1. Thanks for your support Vonnie. They were a beautiful couple. We met them ten days before Don suddenly passed away. This story is precious to me as was that day.

    • Rajadhas on May 12, 2016 at 1:54 am
    • Reply

    A story type I have not heard of. This beautiful world has people of different orientation, but all children of God. That is what we believe. Thanks for your writing. You are a wonderful storyteller.

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