Mar 17

There Comes a Time

“There Comes a Time”
Rev. Brolin Parker , UMC Retired
Wyoming Conference DS and Upper New York Annual Conference DS
 There comes a time to sing a new song.
There comes a time to break the silence.
There comes a time to move beyond our fear.
There comes a time to speak one’s truth, even if it will not be welcomed by all.
There comes a time to call into question what has gone before,
        to resist the weight of the past.
There comes a time for the singing of a new song,
        for a different way of being,
        for remembering we are blessed before God.
God has blessed us in knowing there comes a time
        when God’s community
        holds us go gently in friendship and care,
        that all at once the impossible is possible
        and the bondage that held us is broken.
There comes a time, when God, the Christ, and the Spirit make us free,
         and in that moment we smile, and God smiles, for at last
         we have become the people we were always destined to be,
         open to the world . . . as we truly are
Thank you Brolin Parker……you are of my inspirations in life, my friend. 

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