Nov 15

The People Who Are Still Here With Me

Music by Emma’s Revolution From the CD Singing Though The Hard Times A Tribute To Utah Phillips , Music owned by Koch Entertainment Standard Youtube License. Photo of Seminary Hall owned by Drew University Photo Credit Lynne Delade.

A look back on the happy moments in a not so happy year. Sometimes it takes looking at all of the smiling faces to remember that grieving is not always about tears of sadness. I could have used With A Little Help From My Friends for the musical backdrop but I choose Emma’s Revolution Hymn Song because if I ever had to relive a year like this one I would want these people by my side. There are a lot more people that aren’t pictured here that helped me make it through these last Eighteen months, they know who they are, I just didn’t happen to have a picture of them handy. I love them dearly.

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    • Vonnie Wignall on November 15, 2015 at 9:43 am
    • Reply

    How very touching to have people who love us there for us in our darkest hours

    1. I have been very blessed !

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