Nov 05

Take A Picture of What You See

12203991_10101914218597542_1007101938_o  Write about something that you see she asked. These books sit on my coffee table every day. they are rearranged constantly depending on which one I need to be writing about on which day. Some of them I have read cover to cover with notes in the margins and highlights on each page and others have yet to be even touched and yes I know it is November!
Sometimes I wonder if Graduate School Professors assign books just in the hopes that if you own them then the possibility exists that someday in your future when you are serving two churches sixty miles away from each other and you have more than forty homebound members to visit on a regular basis and your church is the nearest to the county jail and the nursing home that you will have time to sit around and read about the new and exciting ways to minister to millenials while driving to the funeral home to do the fourteenth funeral of the winter for your small flock of less than two hundred souls?
I have a few professors that a fans of two page papers. They know their students well. They know that as preachers we always have something to say and basically they really have heard it all and they want us to make our point clearly and succictly in two pages, or one would be even better if you can manage it, and leave out all of the fluff and the general you know what.
So in an effort to answer my blogging friend’s query that I write something about something that I see. I see papers that need to be written about books that need to be read. What I see is the life of a seminarian.


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    • Vonnie Wignall on November 5, 2015 at 5:45 pm
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    Sounds like your days are very, very busy:).

    1. Vonnie,
      I was submitting a paper when your comment came in and I have class until ten pm tonight. Graduation is in sight, but I have decided I am going for another degree as well. Are there retirement plans for people who never actually finish being students?

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