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Dear Bishops: Get Real!

Dear Bishops: Get Real!. Click to read the latest reflection from United Methodist Insight When does the phrase rethink church become as outmoded as Open Hearts Open Doors Open Minds ? When we stop re-thinking, I wonder if that time has come ? by

An Endless Supply ?

I would again like to thank Dom Perfetti of McKownville United Methodist Church for his regular contributions to this Blog ! His Reflections shared here and also within the pages of our monthly church newsletter have been a blessing of his gifts to our church. Thank you Dom ! We all know that our world …

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It is Annual Conference Time !!!

Hello Upper New York Annual Conference United Methodists, and anyone living in the greater Syracuse area who is interested in the issues of Spirituality and Religion and those of us who might be old enough to carry and AARP card. (mine is not in the mail yet but I am sure they know where I …

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Is There Still Room for Me in the UMC? By Ron Bretsch

Is There Still Room for Me in the UMC? By Ron Bretsch. A fellow Upper New York Annual Conference Member asks some hard questions. Do we have answers ? by


http://alzheimersspeaks.com/ Why did I title this post “A BLOG FOR EVERYONE” ? Because everyone is most likely all of these four things a) afraid of getting this disease b) afraid of their loved one getting this disease c)knows someone with or finally d)knows someone who is caring for someone who has this disease. If you know me by …

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How old is too old to join the clergy? – UMC.org

How old is too old to join the clergy? – UMC.org. My thoughts on the topic have also been submitted to the comment section of the UMC.org site. I think we need to be discussing much more than just ageism.  Is it not true that there are more second career Elders and Deacons who are …

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Letting Go of the Rope

As the story goes; there was a man who had climbed down a rope and was hanging on at the very end, he prayed to God “Please save me from falling.” Nothing happened, the man was too afraid to look down for he knew the fall would be great and his

Paying it Forward – With a Rock

This guest posting comes to us from Michael Terrell who will be the Full Time Pastor at Canton United Methodist Church as of July 1st.Not only is this an especially poignant reminder of what many of our Veterans have gone through it is the story of what so many of our Veterans are still going through. I felt as though as our Bishop of the Upper New York Annual Conference calls us to Conference,

Just because it’s expected doesn’t make it hurt any less, diary of a delegate

This post comes to us from Becca Girrell Clark the pastor of Trinity United Methodist Church in Montpelier, Vermont, and a delegate from the New England Conference to General Conference 2012.
[caption id="attachment_332" align="alignleft" width="252"] JoAnn, Annie, and I share communion in the midst of the Body’s brokenness. Photo from the UMNS.[/caption]Earlier this week I tweeted: just because it’s expected doesn’t make it hurt any less.
We– whoever “we” are– did not expect to win any ground on the church’s position about homosexuality this quadrennium. But I’m a believer in the resurrection promise. That sometimes means that I every so often and ever so naively hold on to hope.
I was hopeful

Ordinary Time

ORDINARY TIME “For everything there is a season, and a time for every matter under heaven ….[God] has made everything suitable for its time …. (Ecclesiastes 3:1, 11a) The Christian church has seasons of the year centered around the life of Jesus and the early church, organized in what is called a liturgical calendar. In …

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