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Feb 14

Why I am a Reconciling United Methodist

Given the rare gift of a snow day I have more time to reflect than I have had of late and I want to affirm something that many people have asked me over the last ten years or so. I was not born into a family of United Methodist’s. The person who influenced me the …

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Jan 26

How long do we wait God ?

How long do we wait God ? Click the picture for the Stream of the Panel Conversation that took place this morning at Foundry United Methodist Church with Jimmy Creech, Beth Stroud and Frank Schaefer. Bishop Gene Robinson was in attendance. Thank you to Matthew Berryman and Reconciling Ministries Network for providing this link and …

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Dec 16

MSNBC: Methodist pastor refuses to voluntarily surrender credentials

http://on.msnbc.com/198STgJ Related articles Methodist pastor won’t quit voluntarily for officiating gay son’s wedding (usnews.nbcnews.com) Methodist minister Schaefer will not relinquish his credentials (philly.com) Pa. pastor won’t quit voluntarily over gay wedding (bostonherald.com)   by

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Jun 08

A Letter from Rev. Stephen Heiss to Bishop Mark Webb

UPDATE PLEASE VISIT Rev. Steve Heiss’ Blog Rainbows and Sunspots which is Rev. Steve Heiss’ new Blog for new and very important updated information on this subject.   I want to extend my very sincere thanks to my friend Rev. Stephen Heiss for his permission to re-post this  letter to our Bishop Mark Webb. As a Certified Candidate for ministry …

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Aug 02

Same Sex Marriage in the United Methodist Church?

I came across an interesting debate this weekend on the Faith Experience website. Foundry United Methodist Church is located in Washington DC and is undergoing a “summer of discernment” about weather to perform same sex marriages in the church. Washington DC recently opted to allow same sex marriages within the city. Foundry is currently a …

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