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Dec 27

The Reconciling Sermon

It was April of 2013 and I was finishing my first year of Seminary and my fiancee, Don and I were going to church with a friend about a half hour south of my school. None of us knew what the sermon was going to be about that day. I invited friends from school to …

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Sep 01

The Karner Blue Butterfly

  There is a protected butterfly called the Karner Blue that is Native to the Capital District and other parts of the United States  that are home to the Blue Lupine plant which grows in the Pine Bush of Albany NY.  Maybe you have seen this butterfly on something in my home or in a photo …

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Feb 14

Why I am a Reconciling United Methodist

Given the rare gift of a snow day I have more time to reflect than I have had of late and I want to affirm something that many people have asked me over the last ten years or so. I was not born into a family of United Methodist’s. The person who influenced me the …

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Dec 15

All States now in compliance with Same Sex Military Benefits

All holdout states now compliant with military’s same-sex benefits policy http://ow.ly/rMVZq   by

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Jun 27

Queering the Christian Table Part 9: Why my humanity isn't beholden to SCOTUS

Do you remember how He said to love one another ? by

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