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My Husband’s Collection of Quotes II

I have read “Delicious Ambiguity” almost daily now for the last few months. I don’t think that reading it any longer will change my feelings about it. Life is ambiguous, life is fragile, life is fleeting, and indeed life is delicious, life is exhilarating, and life is passion and love. Finding the deliciousness in the …

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Delicious Ambiguity

I promised you that there were more quotes to come and this very well known quote from Gilda Radner was right behind the Lou Austin quote from the other day. I have come to realize everything about this quote applies to my life but I am not quite sure I have found the deliciousness of …

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My Husband’s Collection of Quotes

                Everyone that knew Don knew that he collected things, books, news clippings, magazines, postcards, stamps, he even collected his e-mails and frequently cut out quotes from them and hung them in his workspace. He worked for a large teaching hospital as a Systems Analyst, he did coding. For …

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