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May 18


http://alzheimersspeaks.com/ Why did I title this post “A BLOG FOR EVERYONE” ? Because everyone is most likely all of these four things a) afraid of getting this disease b) afraid of their loved one getting this disease c)knows someone with or finally d)knows someone who is caring for someone who has this disease. If you know me by …

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Sep 20

Where do the doubters belong?

Sometimes I am amazed by people who have no use for church because they have doubts about their beliefs. They express fear about going into a church where all those “church people” have it all figured out. I would laugh at that idea if it were not for the sincerity

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Jul 06

Who Believes in you?

Henry Ford has been quoted as saying “Whether you think you can, or think you can’t – you are right.” If I believe I can do something I will more than likely succeed at it, but if I believe from the get go that I can’t succeed, well then, I will surely fail. Self esteem is …

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