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Aug 01

Where have all the Pastor’s gone ?

Have you ever noticed that no one in church suffers from mental illness ? Three hundred fifty million people worldwide suffer from depression that is five percent of the population of the world. Yet we never hear about it in church. I have been hospitalized six times in my life for depression in all of …

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Mar 30

Did You Smile Today?

It is nearing bedtime in my house; time for relaxation, reflection on the day, and maybe a few thoughts on this modern phenomenon called “selfies.” I can hear many of you groaning already. I was recently told that because I am connected to many people via the internet and because I post pictures of myself …

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Apr 21

Broken and Vulnerable


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Sep 21

One Day With Depression

This recording from July of 2011 is being posted today in gratitude to friends who have walked today to bring awareness to the problem of Suicide and Mental Illness. If you have ever thought about suicide then you understand how quickly a person can go from holding on to the brink. Please reach out and …

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Sep 23

Mental Illness Awareness Week 1-800-SUICIDE (784-2433)

Mental Illness Awareness Week  I must say that I hope for understanding of mental illness.  People who don’t live with the disease and yes it is a disease just call us crazy or just put them away and many other hurtful things are said.  I wish that one day people will educate themselves instead of …

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May 31

Paying it Forward – With a Rock

This guest posting comes to us from Michael Terrell who will be the Full Time Pastor at Canton United Methodist Church as of July 1st.Not only is this an especially poignant reminder of what many of our Veterans have gone through it is the story of what so many of our Veterans are still going through. I felt as though as our Bishop of the Upper New York Annual Conference calls us to Conference,

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Aug 25

Memories of RFK

We often ask ourselves and each other why is it important for us to participate in the CROP Walk or the Gay Pride Parade? What can we, as individuals, accomplish when we write letters to the Congress or boycott a product made by a polluting manufacturer? Is the presence of the Neighbors for Peace at …

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