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“We Are Singing For Our Lives”

Set to Holly Near’s We Are Singing For Our Lives are the sights of my experience at General Conference.  Holly’s song became a balm for our souls as we marched across the Convention Center floor. by

The Reconciling Sermon

It was April of 2013 and I was finishing my first year of Seminary and my fiancee, Don and I were going to church with a friend about a half hour south of my school. None of us knew what the sermon was going to be about that day. I invited friends from school to …

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I Am an Ally

  What does it mean to be an ally? People sometimes ask me why I am so passionate about reconciliation within the United Methodist Church. They say what does it matter if the church splits or what difference does it make now that many couples can get married in many States. I want to tell …

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Open Letter to the Council of Bishops

Rev. Amy DeLong and Rev. Dr. Julie Todd’s letter to the Council of Bishops has reminded me of another revolutionary letter. The blog “Love Prevail” has the sub-title revolution 3-D: disclose(t), divest, disrupt. In Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” the call to revolution through disruption is clear; “You spoke of our …

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The fear of coming out in The #UMC

The fear of coming out in The #UMC. Powerful witness! I have see friends leave because our UMC, my UMC, is not the UMC that they feel would be John Wesley’s UMC. As a member of RMN and as a member of SPECTRUM at Drew Theo School I feel for my friends and dear loved …

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How the Holy Spirit Made Me an Accessory to 1000 Hate Crimes ( and How I Hope to Clear Our Names) by Guest Blogger Chris Jorgensen

My thanks go to my classmate Chris Jorgensen for allowing me to share her words and to the Pastors and staff at Church of the Village for being a voice for those who for too long have had none. Thank you so much for allowing me to share this here. Accessory: In Criminal Law, contributing …

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A Letter from Rev. Stephen Heiss to Bishop Mark Webb

UPDATE PLEASE VISIT Rev. Steve Heiss’ Blog Rainbows and Sunspots which is Rev. Steve Heiss’ new Blog for new and very important updated information on this subject.   I want to extend my very sincere thanks to my friend Rev. Stephen Heiss for his permission to re-post this  letter to our Bishop Mark Webb. As a Certified Candidate for ministry …

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