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Jan 19

Justice Together

I wrote this piece about a month ago in response to injustices in our criminal justice system. I am republishing in today in remembrance of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr who wrote in his “Letter From A Birmingham Jail”; “I must make two honest confessions to you, my Christian and Jewish brothers. First, I must …

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Dec 06

"How Long"

shared with permission Words and Music Mark A. Miller Film by Frank Logue How long must we wait? A song for the times we are living in and for the Advent season written this week by Mark A. Miller and set among these powerful images by Frank Logue. It is a question that must be …

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Mar 03

Open Letter to the Council of Bishops

Rev. Amy DeLong and Rev. Dr. Julie Todd’s letter to the Council of Bishops has reminded me of another revolutionary letter. The blog “Love Prevail” has the sub-title revolution 3-D: disclose(t), divest, disrupt. In Martin Luther King Jr’s “Letter From a Birmingham Jail” the call to revolution through disruption is clear; “You spoke of our …

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Dec 15

All States now in compliance with Same Sex Military Benefits

All holdout states now compliant with military‚Äôs same-sex benefits policy http://ow.ly/rMVZq   by

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Nov 10

By Their Strange Fruit; A blog worth taking more than a second look at!

Mission “Ye shall know them by their fruit,” (Matthew 7:16) At BTSF, our mission is to facilitate justice and understanding across racial divides from a Christian perspective. By approaching racial justice and reconciliation from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and gain an understanding of the greater impact for …

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Sep 14

A Cocoon of Diversity

I live in a dorm on campus while I attend seminary. I live in an intentionally diverse community, in a small liberal university, in a small town, with a lovely quaint little downtown. To locate a big box store requires navigating a major interstate highway. The most common speed limit

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