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Nov 15

The People Who Are Still Here With Me

Music by Emma’s Revolution From the CD Singing Though The Hard Times A Tribute To Utah Phillips , Music owned by Koch Entertainment Standard Youtube License. Photo of Seminary Hall owned by Drew University Photo Credit Lynne Delade. A look back on the happy moments in a not so happy year. Sometimes it takes looking …

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May 20

One Year

It doesn’t seem possible, it is so hard to imagine, completely unfathomable that I have not seen your face, heard your voice, felt your touch in a year. This is what the calendar tells me. I look all around me and see all the signs of springtime that were all around when you passed and …

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Jun 19

Dance while you can!

“It is said that Socrates learned to Dance at the age of seventy because he felt that an essential part of his life had been neglected”* On September 20, 2013 I gave Don a journal. I have given many people journals over the years. I like to write, I like to read. My husband loved …

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Dec 04

Music is a Dream! A DREAM!

“Every Day LIFE is BEAUTIFUL! Every DAY! Music is life! I am FULL of JOY! Nobody laughs here, I LAUGH! Music is the birthplace of love, it brings us on an island filled with peace, beauty and love!” by

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Mar 25

Rejoice! Rejoice! OR Happy Happy JOY JOY !

Great Post from a visitor Simple Tom; 12 Things Happy People Do Differently                                                 A Collection of Images to bring you JOY !   by

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Feb 14

Day One, Who I Am

Who I am

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Dec 03

Joy at Christmas!

Last Christmas was my Mother’s last Christmas, but this is a story of joy and not sorrow. My Mother lived her life in the moment better than anyone I have ever known. When she was diagnosed with Stage four, lung cancer that had spread to her brain the doctors told her they needed to do surgery

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