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Apr 11

Extrovert’s and Grief; Yes Some Things are Different

A quick list to highlight the tough stuff about grieving for those on the extroverted end of the spectrum    You know grief is challenging your extroverted nature when; You are quiet or don’t make eye contact for more than 12 seconds and everyone around you is asking, “What’s wrong?” You desperately want to hang out with your friends, …

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Aug 05

Happy Birthday My Brave Knight !

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you may have come across a post or two where I refer to my late husband Donald as my Brave Knight. Over time friends and family have asked me just how did I begin to call him that. So in honor of what would …

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Mar 11

423,000 Minutes

423,000 Minutes or more The internet is full of fascinating little things. One of the things you can find online is a date calculator. Don has been gone as of the beginning of this blog over 423,000 minutes. Aside from the very few minutes of sleep I get each day, because I cannot seem to …

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May 23

from this day forward

To our Beloved Families!                How do I ever, ever convey what your love has meant to us, to Don, over the course of the last couple years. I can only share a glimpse into my heart, a portion of the promises and plans we made, and my undying …

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