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Mar 30

Did You Smile Today?

It is nearing bedtime in my house; time for relaxation, reflection on the day, and maybe a few thoughts on this modern phenomenon called “selfies.” I can hear many of you groaning already. I was recently told that because I am connected to many people via the internet and because I post pictures of myself …

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Apr 15

Again We Grieve

Boston on Marathon Day, tax day for many, a Monday, a Sunny day in the Northeast. First it came from a friend on chat, did you hear ? Did I hear what?  About Boston she answered. Then the Facebook feed started to change, PRAYERS FOR BOSTON read a friends post. I was on the phone …

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Feb 28


For the word cover I decided to go with a modern definition and show you the “Cover” Image from my facebook page. This is my favorite scene in my favorite movie. It is from The Sound Of Music , and it is the scene where The Captain and Maria declare their love for each other with the …

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