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Sep 20

Where do the doubters belong?

Sometimes I am amazed by people who have no use for church because they have doubts about their beliefs. They express fear about going into a church where all those “church people” have it all figured out. I would laugh at that idea if it were not for the sincerity

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Sep 14

A Cocoon of Diversity

I live in a dorm on campus while I attend seminary. I live in an intentionally diverse community, in a small liberal university, in a small town, with a lovely quaint little downtown. To locate a big box store requires navigating a major interstate highway. The most common speed limit

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Jun 14

Beep Beep it is Time for Church in the Car

The official and unofficial start of summer have come and gone and we are now in the hey days of summer and I thought it was time for a summer post.Did you ever go to church in your car? Well if you traveled in the 1950’s you just might have. I recently read an article in The Atlantic by Megan Garber about the Rev. Robert Schuller beginning his ministry at a the Orange Dri

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May 29

A World of "Differents"

A World of “Differents”
Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Dom Perfetti from McKownville United Methodist Church. Thank you Dom for sharing your thoughts with us we look forward to hearing from you again!
The world’s population today just topped seven billion. Seven billion is a huge number, and we might think that among that group, at least a few of us are the same. Of course we all know that isn’t true and we’ve been assured that God created each and every one of us unique. Some of us have similar

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Aug 25

Memories of RFK

We often ask ourselves and each other why is it important for us to participate in the CROP Walk or the Gay Pride Parade? What can we, as individuals, accomplish when we write letters to the Congress or boycott a product made by a polluting manufacturer? Is the presence of the Neighbors for Peace at …

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Oct 07

Church Outside the Box

Do you think your church is doing things outside the box? Check out this post by Sandra Brands from the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church about Grace Adventure United Methodist Church in Binghamton, NY. This church takes The Church Has Left the Building and brings it to a whole new …

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