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Nov 10

By Their Strange Fruit; A blog worth taking more than a second look at!

Mission “Ye shall know them by their fruit,” (Matthew 7:16) At BTSF, our mission is to facilitate justice and understanding across racial divides from a Christian perspective. By approaching racial justice and reconciliation from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and gain an understanding of the greater impact for …

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Apr 27

How old is too old to join the clergy? – UMC.org

How old is too old to join the clergy? – UMC.org. My thoughts on the topic have also been submitted to the comment section of the UMC.org site. I think we need to be discussing much more than just ageism.  Is it not true that there are more second career Elders and Deacons who are …

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Sep 14

A Cocoon of Diversity

I live in a dorm on campus while I attend seminary. I live in an intentionally diverse community, in a small liberal university, in a small town, with a lovely quaint little downtown. To locate a big box store requires navigating a major interstate highway. The most common speed limit

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