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Dec 08

Wisdom; Advent Photo A Day, Minerva UAlbany "World Within Reach"

Minerva: Since the University at Albany’s beginnings as the New York State Normal College, Minerva, the Roman goddess of wisdom has been the institution’s enduring symbol. The figure of Minerva and the Latin motto, “Sapientia et sua et docendi causa” (“Wisdom both for its own sake and for the sake of teaching”) have appeared on …

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Sep 05

I am a First Year, First Semester, M.Div.

The title above is how I have introduced myself more times than I can count over the last couple weeks. My first challenge of Seminary has not

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Jul 02

Letting Go of the Rope

As the story goes; there was a man who had climbed down a rope and was hanging on at the very end, he prayed to God “Please save me from falling.” Nothing happened, the man was too afraid to look down for he knew the fall would be great and his

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