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May 20

One Year

It doesn’t seem possible, it is so hard to imagine, completely unfathomable that I have not seen your face, heard your voice, felt your touch in a year. This is what the calendar tells me. I look all around me and see all the signs of springtime that were all around when you passed and …

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May 05

Memories of Springtime Worries

Memories can be soothing reminders of happier times or painful yanks on our torn and tattered hearts. As the anniversary of Don’s death approaches so also come flooding back many of the happy memories of the days and events leading up to his death. It was a beautiful springtime and we were looking for a …

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Apr 03

Driving Down Memory Lane

I returned home today from a road trip to visit a friend. A short vacation with a lot of time spent on the road. Many of the same roads that I had driven on just a little over a year ago on a trip with Don. I have gotten used to the roads near our …

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Mar 21

New Hope New Spring

Today is the first full day of Spring. The sunshine coming in my window today reassured me that yesterday’s snowfall on the actual vernal equinox was just Winter’s last gasp and the crocus peeking out of the snow tell me I really can depend on Spring. Spring brings with it all kinds of wonderful blessings, warmer …

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Mar 11

423,000 Minutes

423,000 Minutes or more The internet is full of fascinating little things. One of the things you can find online is a date calculator. Don has been gone as of the beginning of this blog over 423,000 minutes. Aside from the very few minutes of sleep I get each day, because I cannot seem to …

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Mar 10

How We Met

We met in the summer of 2011. I remember the first day I noticed him in the back of the sanctuary. He looked so lost and alone, I smiled and said hi and that was all. I asked the Pastor who he was and the Pastor said “Oh that is Don, he has been around …

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Feb 22

Nine Months Later…….What I Know Now

  It has been nine months since Donald left this world, leaving me to reflect on what I know now that I didn’t know nine months ago. Time does not heal all wounds. Some hurts are pain we will never “get over” and that is okay. Scars are left for a reason; they show how …

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Feb 14

You Light Up My World

Just two very short years ago I was a newly engaged bride to be. It happened rather casually one afternoon in my dorm room. He was musing and worrying about our future as husband and wife; where would we live; what about our homes in Upstate NY;what about school? When I sat there with a …

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Jan 29

How Can I Become

When someone loves you the way Don loved me, the way I loved Don, they see a part of you that you didn’t even know existed until you see yourself through their eyes. That is the way real love works. You can see yourself differently in the mirror because the person holding the mirror is …

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Jan 24

What is the span of a life?

I have talked about the Karner Blue Butterfly here before but I haven’t mentioned that one of the reasons they are so rare is because of their very short life span, between four and twenty-one days. That is all, three weeks on a good run and their beauty is gone. What is the span of a …

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