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Sep 02

1200 Days a Widow

Twelve hundred days have passed since I stopped being a wife and started being a widow. It is a change in title that no one ever wants to experience but so many of us will. You might be surprised that I am still counting. Let me reassure you that I don’t mark off each day …

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Dec 03

The Grief Calendar

December 3, 2016 It has been two years since I published the thoughts that follow. The anniversaries still come, the memories still bring a smile or a tear, the calendar continues to be a reminder of what once was, but it is also a tool to help plan what is to come. There have now …

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Oct 12

Autumn Anniversary

That first year, less than five months after he died,   I could not even see their beauty. The second year their beauty haunted my dreams and stung like thistles.  This year their beauty brings warm memories and a tear or two. You see we were married In Autumn, October 11th to be exact, right …

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Mar 27

Leaving a Legacy

They say that a person dies three times; the first time when their heart stops beating, the second when they are buried or cremated, and the third time when their name is no longer spoken. We all want to be remembered. We all want to leave behind a legacy. When someone knows that they have …

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Mar 15

Thoughts of Hope From a New Widow

Nearly four years after beginning my journey in Seminary it has come time to stand and preach my Senior Sermon at Drew Theological School in Madison NJ. Preparing for this day has been something of a roller coaster to say the least. The joy of falling in love during my first semester and the amazing …

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Mar 07

My Husband’s Collection of Quotes II

I have read “Delicious Ambiguity” almost daily now for the last few months. I don’t think that reading it any longer will change my feelings about it. Life is ambiguous, life is fragile, life is fleeting, and indeed life is delicious, life is exhilarating, and life is passion and love. Finding the deliciousness in the …

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Dec 27

The Reconciling Sermon

It was April of 2013 and I was finishing my first year of Seminary and my fiancee, Don and I were going to church with a friend about a half hour south of my school. None of us knew what the sermon was going to be about that day. I invited friends from school to …

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Oct 14

What To Say, What Not To Say, and Why

WHAT NOT TO SAY AND WHAT TO SAY TO A WIDOW OR WIDOWER AND WHY Christine J Baxter   There is a learning curve that comes along with being a widow, and widowhood isn’t a course anyone willingly enrolls in. As a widow or a widower you quickly learn the phrases that hurt the most …

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Oct 08

My Husband’s Collection of Quotes

                Everyone that knew Don knew that he collected things, books, news clippings, magazines, postcards, stamps, he even collected his e-mails and frequently cut out quotes from them and hung them in his workspace. He worked for a large teaching hospital as a Systems Analyst, he did coding. For …

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Aug 05

Happy Birthday My Brave Knight !

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you may have come across a post or two where I refer to my late husband Donald as my Brave Knight. Over time friends and family have asked me just how did I begin to call him that. So in honor of what would …

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