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Dec 03

The Grief Calendar

December 3, 2016 It has been two years since I published the thoughts that follow. The anniversaries still come, the memories still bring a smile or a tear, the calendar continues to be a reminder of what once was, but it is also a tool to help plan what is to come. There have now …

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Oct 14

What To Say, What Not To Say, and Why

WHAT NOT TO SAY AND WHAT TO SAY TO A WIDOW OR WIDOWER AND WHY Christine J Baxter   There is a learning curve that comes along with being a widow, and widowhood isn’t a course anyone willingly enrolls in. As a widow or a widower you quickly learn the phrases that hurt the most …

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Jan 29

How Can I Become

When someone loves you the way Don loved me, the way I loved Don, they see a part of you that you didn’t even know existed until you see yourself through their eyes. That is the way real love works. You can see yourself differently in the mirror because the person holding the mirror is …

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Jan 24

What is the span of a life?

I have talked about the Karner Blue Butterfly here before but I haven’t mentioned that one of the reasons they are so rare is because of their very short life span, between four and twenty-one days. That is all, three weeks on a good run and their beauty is gone. What is the span of a …

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Dec 28


            Every day I think of you I dream of the days we shared We added up the moments To make a lifetime from just two years You fulfilled every promise You made every dream come true We always found the laughter even amid the tears We always knew it …

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Dec 26

Poetic Interlude

The poems below both speak to me when I think about Donald’s death. I want to scream the first poem and deny the second. In the first the poet is talking of his Father and in the second the poet speaks of Marc Anthony and his noble defeat. It strikes me that the first poet …

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Dec 21

The Longest Night

The longest night of the year is tonight, the winter solstice, the darkest day, the day before the light starts to stay just a bit longer. It doesn’t seem coincidental that the darkest day falls just four days before we celebrate the birth of the Light of the world, and it doesn’t seem coincidental to …

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Nov 12

The Band Played On

A big part of the way Don and I lived life fully was live music. Don and I didn’t have television in our lives. It was a choice we made together. We never missed it. Not having a television encouraged us to go and see, listen, visit, participate, engage, learn, and do things that we …

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Jul 22

How are you doing?

How have you been? How are you dealing with loss? How have you been holding up? How am I ? I get asked that quite a bit these days and most of the time the person asking actually wants to know, really, how am I ? I love these people and and I know they …

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May 23

from this day forward

To our Beloved Families!                How do I ever, ever convey what your love has meant to us, to Don, over the course of the last couple years. I can only share a glimpse into my heart, a portion of the promises and plans we made, and my undying …

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