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Dec 26

Poetic Interlude

The poems below both speak to me when I think about Donald’s death. I want to scream the first poem and deny the second. In the first the poet is talking of his Father and in the second the poet speaks of Marc Anthony and his noble defeat. It strikes me that the first poet …

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Oct 31

I Am Still Me, and Yet, I am Not

I try to show the world that I am still myself, that I am okay, that I can still laugh and work and play and study, but I fail. I am not still the me I was. I won’t ever be that me again. That dreamy eyed newlywed basking in the glow of a love …

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Feb 16

Injustice, Day Four

I do not have a photo or lovely story today and I know the story that follows might not fall within the traditional definition of injustice because I do not think that the events are just or unjust but they do evoke the feeling that “this is not the way it is supposed to be.” …

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Dec 03

Joy at Christmas!

Last Christmas was my Mother’s last Christmas, but this is a story of joy and not sorrow. My Mother lived her life in the moment better than anyone I have ever known. When she was diagnosed with Stage four, lung cancer that had spread to her brain the doctors told her they needed to do surgery

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