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Mar 04

George Chochos' Story is not a Fairy Tale: From Jail to Yale !

Last summer Don and I had the wonderful opportunity to get to know another couple who are living the Seminary life right now. This week our friend will again tell the story he told us the night we met him. George Chochos and his wife are not that different from many other couples who spend …

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Dec 29

Capital City Rescue Mission

Warm thanks go to Adrianne Stott, Clara Breslin, and several other friends and family members who made donations to the work of the Capital City Rescue Mission, Albany, NY. Capital City Rescue Mission is dedicated to proclaiming the life-changing Gospel of Jesus Christ to the homeless and needy of the capital region. Providing for the …

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Aug 13

Saying Goodbye Again

This is the third post with the title “Saying Goodbye”, it seems to be a theme over this past year. This morning I said goodbye to my church family because I will be leaving for seminary in a few days. Leaving your church family behind as you move on is not like saying goodbye to your children,

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Jun 14

Beep Beep it is Time for Church in the Car

The official and unofficial start of summer have come and gone and we are now in the hey days of summer and I thought it was time for a summer post.Did you ever go to church in your car? Well if you traveled in the 1950’s you just might have. I recently read an article in The Atlantic by Megan Garber about the Rev. Robert Schuller beginning his ministry at a the Orange Dri

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Oct 07

Church Outside the Box

Do you think your church is doing things outside the box? Check out this post by Sandra Brands from the Upper New York Annual Conference of the United Methodist Church about Grace Adventure United Methodist Church in Binghamton, NY. This church takes The Church Has Left the Building and brings it to a whole new …

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Sep 10

First Communion

By some strange and wonderful circumstances I don’t quite understand I’ve been given the privilege of breaking a loaf of bread and saying, “No matter how young or old you are, whether you’re a member of this church, any church or no church, Jesus Christ invites you to receive this sacrament.” Then I never know …

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Jun 30

Almost A Believer?

 In the Spring of 1963, “Little Peggy March” released her best-known song, “I Will Follow Him”. It became a #1 hit all around the world, but she never achieved that kind of success again. Although she’s still singing today, Peggy March is a proverbial “one-hit wonder.” The song is much better known than she is …

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