May 20

One Year

It doesn’t seem possible, it is so hard to imagine, completely unfathomable that I have not seen your face, heard your voice, felt your touch in a year. This is what the calendar tells me. I look all around me and see all the signs of springtime that were all around when you passed and I know it is true. The Students have graduated from the University this past weekend the parties and picnics that we attended last year together have taken place without us, because you are gone. It feels like only yesterday you whispered to me “I love you” and I whispered back “I love you too.” Now those are memories that I will treasure forever.

Photographs and memories is a line from and old poem or song I can’t quite remember now but that is what I am left with a year later. Wonderful memories of a romance that was like no other. A romance that defied the odds and succeeded when some thought we were two different to succeed. A romance I never dreamed that I would experience. We learned to dance together you and I and we didn’t just dance on the dance floor but we danced through life.

I pray that you are dancing in heaven and singing with the heavenly choir. I pray that you are free and joyous and light and at one with our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I pray that you are free from worry and pain and struggle and strife. I pray you are home.

It has been a year since you left meDSCN7188 (640x434)

You have gone but you will never be forgotten

You have gone on to be with God

Go and dance a heavenly dance

Go and sing in the heavenly choir

I will remember your voice, your laugh, your face, your hair

I will remember your serious look, your smile, your eyes, your lips

I will remember your silly notes, your lists, your hands, your touch

You will forever be my dancing partner, and while we only danced one dance

oh what a dance it was

Because we made our life our dance my sweetheart,

I have no regrets,

I wouldn’t change a day, an hour, a minute, a moment

A year I have been without you,

I have not lived, I have only existed

I can’t promise to go forth and live from this moment

But I can promise to try

So sing with the angels my love

Dance to the heavenly tunes above

I can’t promise you I will live from this moment, but

To dance, I will try

To dance , I will try

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  1. So much love in your photo xx

    1. Thank you! There was so much love in our lives, we were truly blessed.

    • teresita on May 21, 2015 at 10:27 am
    • Reply

    Beautiful reflection. Love radiates through it all, even in the midst of your grief. I love you Christine and holding you up in prayer always. #dondances

    1. Thank you so much Teresita!

  2. Very touching and very beautifully expressed…

    • sandra thistle on June 2, 2015 at 5:37 pm
    • Reply

    i lost henry 10 months ago, people thought we wouldnt last, that we were nothing alike, they were so wrong. we were just alike, he was my soulmate, the anniversary if his death is july 22, it wont be easy. i miss him so much.

    1. Sandra I am so sorry. There is no pain like the loss of your soul mate. Thank you for telling me about Henry, I am sure he was incredible!

  3. Thinking of you and praying you will find peace in the memories, Christine!

    1. Thank you so much Pastor. It has now been two years but it feels like it was yesterday sometimes. It really is as if time is standing still. God bless you.

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