Nov 07

LAMB the Story that changed the life of Linda Cobb Ott

I have always known that I was a child of God. But it wasn’t until about five years ago I learned just how directly and intensively God could be involved in my everyday life.

I want to tell you about a “rooftop experience” (as opposed to a “mountaintop experience”) at an inner city school in Tegucigalpa, Honduras where I was on a weeklong mission trip. I stood with beautiful Honduran children noisily playing on the rooftop playground. I gazed up to see a beautiful partly cloudy blue and white sky. I gazed down to see one of the poorest cities in the world where violence reigns, drugs are king, people are starving and babies die. I listened to the school’s director describe her plans to expand the school to better serve the needs of the poor oppressed community. God’s still voice opened my heart to understand truly what it could mean to be “blessed to be a blessing”. It wasn’t my skill at doing construction work or teaching children, rather it was that I had financial resources which could make a difference and I needed to give back some of what God had given to me.

When my annual company bonus came a couple of months later, I gave it to the school. Making that gift changed my life – it opened my heart to feel, to see, to commit, to give and to receive in ways that I had never experienced before. That “rooftop experience” was the beginning of an amazing journey with God close by my side which has led me today to Drew Theological School. I invite you to learn more about LAMB, invite them into your hearts and prayers, and maybe visit their rooftop someday.

LAMB is a Christ-centered, multifaceted ministry based in Tegucigalpa, Honduras that seeks to reach out to the world with the love of Jesus Christ. LAMB was founded in 1999 by lifelong missionary, Suzy McCall, as a training school for Hondurans called to world mission. Today, LAMB also operates an elementary school with over 200 children in one of the most violent and poverty-stricken areas of Tegucigalpa, a large youth outreach program, a growing microcredit program with over 300 small business owners, multiple community programs, and a residential home outside the city for over 60 abused and neglected children.


Dear Linda, 

Thank you so much for your gift to LAMB and for sharing your life changing experience. Many times it is the process of the Mission Trip that changes the Missioner much more than it changes the life of those to whom we think we are missioning, proving that God is indeed working for good in the process regardless of how much of our time, talent or treasure we can give ! 

Thank you for being there to celebrate with us and for making the day all that more special with your prayers and your presence !

Don and Christine

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