Jul 02

Keep it simple

“Write a blog” she said in an email. Frankly, I wasn’t even sure what a blog was. I have heard of them and have probably read one without ever knowing it. Then she went on to say…”Just write about what you believe, but keep it under 300 words…” I thought this is just getting tougher all the time. So, I will keep it simple and that is what I will write about today. Keep it simple.

It was just over a year ago that I was approached by my pastor about taking on the office of Deacon. A Deacon, was she sure? I hadn’t been a member of the church for very long but I was very active in the ministries there. “Yes, she said, I believe God is calling you to this ministry.” The funny thing is that I had a dream one night…a very clear dream that I was a Deacon at that church. I accepted the invitation.

However, panic soon ensued. I would be asked to perform duties I had never done before. Things like Congregational duties, workshops and leading worship…and GULP…praying out loud if front of hundreds of people. Was I ready for that? The answer is simply…YES. If I had waited until I was ready…I never would be.

It was the praying part that was the hardest one for me. It was easy enough to pray in private…just God and me…but in front of a crowd? My pastor could rip off a beautiful prayer right off the top of her head. I wanted that. But after trying her style I found myself seized up in front of everyone. That is when this message came to me…Keep it simple. Start small. Use my own style. The leaders of my church saw in me what I could not…my style…my way of expressing myself.

I have since grown comfortable in my role as Deacon. There isn’t anything placed in my path that is too difficult, especially when I know that God’s guidance is there for me. Keeping it simple was the key.

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    • Deacon Alicia on July 6, 2010 at 2:18 pm
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    I don’t know where this comes from so I can’t give credit. God does not call the equipped, God equips the called.

    1. Alicia, it is funny how this saying came up in two different posts today. Another commenter brought it up in refrence to the post “Who Believes in you?” It is a great saying. Thanks for sharing it, it is one I hear from my Pastor often.

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