May 03

"just as you did it to one of the least of these"

The sun was almost warm enough today to have people talking about the beach here in New Jersey (I do have to say that it doesn’t take a lot to get people talking about the beach around here) and whenever you talk about the Jersey Shore these days Superstorm Sandy is sure to come up. 

No one is far from the coast around here and that means that everyone knows someone who was affected by Sandy in some way, even here at Drew we can still see damage. Today however I want to tell you about a ministry brought to our attention by a recent classmate of mine. Pastor Lakesha Groover is part of the team of pastors at Mosaic Ministries and the letter below comes from the newly named Director of Connectional Ministries the Greater New Jersey Annual Conference  Bruce Hartman. Lakesha, Bruce and Bishop John R. Schol are all working hard and planting the seeds of Faith in the three Mosaic Churches that make up the combined ministry.

 “Most of us live each day with our material needs taken care of and resolved. Imagine a life where you don’t have a credit card, an address, a smart phone, or a clean set of clothes. Life is impossible and surviving is hard work. This is what it means to be homeless. Homelessness isn’t a choice, it is a cyclical system of hardship caused by mental illness and other life circumstances.

I recently became involved with a ministry to the homeless and to those in need called Mosaic Ministries. Offering a meal, providing clothes, and serving emergency food kits does much more than fulfill basic physical needs. It builds relationships, restores dignity and self-worth, and breaks the vicious cycle that is homelessness. In 2014, Mosaic Ministries will feed, clothe, and provide emergency food kits over 10,000 times. And in 2015, Mosaic Ministries expects to see this number grow to 20,000.

When Mosaic Ministries started this ministry in Bradley Beach, NJ six months ago, we never expected the need to be this high. Today, the number of people that are being served monthly is growing exponentially, far beyond existing expectations and resources. This ministry is self-funding through donations, and 100 percent of donations received go directly to individuals in desperate need.”
Bruce Hartman

Donate today and be a part of rebuilding families, circumstances, and lives at

Break the cycle.

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