Jan 26

How long do we wait God ?

How long do we wait God ? Click the picture for the Stream of the Panel Conversation that took place this morning at Foundry United Methodist Church with Jimmy Creech, Beth Stroud and Frank Schaefer. Bishop Gene Robinson was in attendance. Thank you to Matthew Berryman and Reconciling Ministries Network for providing this link and thank you to Rev. Seve Clunn and family for hosting Don and I when we were able to visit Foundry two weeks ago.

The link will also take you to the other recordings of Foundry’s Worship Services this morning.

Photo taken on Jan 12, 2014 During a personal visit to Foundry.

Photo taken on Jan 12, 2014 During a personal visit to Foundry.

Panel Discussion at Foundry UMC

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    • jeff on January 26, 2014 at 9:23 pm
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    Thank you for posting this. their courage is commendable and their pain is undeniable. I am beginning to think that clergy trials by themselves will not move the bishops to act. They are probably bracing themselves for a handful of trials per year. However, if large numbers of congregations permit same sex weddings in their sanctuaries, by other denominations’ pastors, there will be little the bishops can do. This would multiply the pressure without allowing the bishops to get rid of the troublemakers. Could they try a church’s board of trustees or council? I don’t think they will put laity on trial. The next phase in this struggle for equality will be led by the laity.

    1. Jeff,
      Thank you so much for your comment and affirmation! I am looking up a bit more lately with recent news, The Lord works in mysterious ways sometimes and God’s timing isn’t in tune with our own.

      Be well!

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