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Happy Birthday My Brave Knight !

If you have followed my blog for any length of time you may have come across a post or two where I refer to my late husband Donald as my Brave Knight. Over time friends and family have asked me just how did I begin to call him that. So in honor of what would have been my Brave Knight’s Birthday I have decided to tell the story.

It all began with a children’s storybook called “Sir Kevin Of Devon” published just one time in 1953 as a weekly reader that somehow ended up on my bookshelf when I was a small child and, according to my Mother because I have no memory of this whatsoever, this book was my favorite book of all of the books I owned. Well when my Mother told me this information, before I met Donald, I searched Amazon and the internet for the book to no avail.

My Mother passed away not long after that conversation but I kept searching every once in a while for this mysterious book that she insisted I had made her read to me over and over again. Time went by and I went away to school and Donald and I fell in love and sometime before our first Christmas together I FOUND the book , there it was on Amazon used books, it wasn’t expensive and I thought how perfect I will tell my sweetheart the story and surely he will surprise me with the book. Well, Christmas came and Don bought me a beautiful gift but no he didn’t buy the book. So I thought surely if I drop a few more hints he will understand by Valentines Day right ? Wrong, flowers, chocolate but no book. Just when I had about given up hope of dropping hints along came my Mother’s Birthday and I went out to lunch with her best friend to reminisce with, and wouldn’t you know it when I came home from lunch sitting on the kitchen table was my very own copy of “Sir Kevin Of Devon” . Kevin of Devon happens to be a smallish lad of not nearly eleven who proves himself to be a Knight who is Brave!

Don proved himself to be brave all throughout our all too brief romance. Don was

Donald on his last birthday at Boldt Castle standing in front of the Knights Entrance. 8/5/2013

Donald on his last birthday at Boldt Castle standing in front of the Knights Entrance. 8/5/2013

used to vacationing with Yankee Trails Bus tours or Triple AAA Trip Tips and pre planed agendas. I had grown up vacationing by throwing a tent in the trunk and taking off to parts unknown. Don would sit in the passenger seat while I drove us down the highway and ask me why the GPS lady wasn’t talking and I would say because I turned her off. He had a plaque that read “LIFE BEGINS AT THE END OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE”  and every day he would venture out a little farther from his comfort zone and bravely go into a world that he had not known before, a world that he loved, and a world that loved him back in ways he had never known.

So Happy Birthday my Brave Knight! I love You !

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  1. To Your Brave Knight, Happy Birthday.

    1. Thank you Teresita!

    • Lucy Gee on August 6, 2016 at 8:21 am
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    I think marrying you was stepping out of his comfort zone, and that gave him such joy. Glad you both had that time, however brief, since you were both so happy. Thanks for sharing your story. Happy Birthday Don.

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