Aug 12

Getting the Best of us !

“Don’t let ‘em get the best of you!” These are words of support we hear when those close to us see we’re getting down, when we feel like we’re on own in a difficult situation.
I’m sure we’ve all heard them at one time or another, perhaps in our childhood when we were being picked on or the center of a joke that may have been taken a little too far. It’s a way of encouraging someone to keep their “chin up” and stay strong as they work through the negative energy that can otherwise become consuming.
As we all look, I suppose there have been plenty of times when others did “get the best of us”; while there were other times when we felt we rose above the storms and stayed on a steady course. Regardless of the outcome, we’ve all been tried and tested, and hopefully we’ve all learned a little from each experience.
Encouraging words from those we are close to certainly help as we work our way through difficult times, but there is a greater source of strength that can provide a completely new perspective to the tough situations we encounter. When the world around us seems to be getting the “best of us”, we can turn to the Lord for help.
Jesus knows the hearts and motivations of us all, and He teaches us to look to Him, always, and in everything we do, so we can respond to our day to day challenges from His perspective and not our own.
Putting our Faith and trust in the Lord when we’re faced with our most difficult situations is exactly what Jesus wants from us. He will be there to fill our hearts with the strength that can only come from His love for us. Instead of feeling down and conquered by the world, we’ll feel the renewed strength that only He can provide.
When we seek His help and guidance in all that we do, and respond to others the way Jesus would want us to, we can then truly say, “Thank you Lord, you really did get the best of us!”

God Bless and enjoy the remaining summer days,

Another thank you to Dom Perfetti from McKownville United Methodist Church for sharing his thoughts with us.

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