Dec 28









Every day I think of you

I dream of the days we shared

We added up the moments

To make a lifetime from just two years

You fulfilled every promise

You made every dream come true

We always found the laughter even amid the tears

We always knew it was precious

We never took our love for granted

God knew we wouldn’t ever

Leave each other lost or stranded

We held each other so close each night that

We couldn’t bear to sleep apart

Now as I try to sleep it tears apart my heart

I know you wouldn’t want me to weep

Day to day and week to week

So for today I will try and smile

Even though it may be weak

Every day I think of you

And every day from now on

Through the tears I promise

To try and put a smile on.



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    • Frank M. D'Ambrosio on December 29, 2014 at 12:09 am
    • Reply

    So sad, and yet so beautiful. Thank you for sharing your heart!

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