Oct 24

Delicious Ambiguity

gilda-radner-perfect-ending-delicious-ambiguity (2)I promised you that there were more quotes to come and this very well known quote from Gilda Radner was right behind the Lou Austin quote from the other day. I have come to realize everything about this quote applies to my life but I am not quite sure I have found the deliciousness of it yet.

I fully relate to the ambiguity of the quote. I once thought that with someone to be my partner in life that I could do anything I set my mind to. It was the confidence of knowing that someone had your back, that someone believed in what you were doing, what you stood for.
Now that I am on my own again I seem to lack that confidence. It is funny because people remind me that I always had it before, and then I tell them , but that was before I ever know what love was, before I ever knew what it was like when someone really did have your back.
Standing on your own two feet to face the storm alone feels just fine if you have never known what it is like to have someone to stand alongside you and face the storm, but once you have had someone to face the storms of life with and that person is taken away, ambiguity is just the tip of the iceberg.

I get the feeling this quote will be on the refrigerator even longer than the last one.

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