Jun 19

Dance while you can!

“It is said that Socrates learned to Dance at the age of seventy because he felt that an essential part of his life had been neglected”*

On September 20, 2013 I gave Don a journal.

I have given many people journals over the years. I like to write, I like to read. My husband loved stories, all stories, he loved romantic stories, ghost stories, political stories, stories about tragedy or comedy. Everyone knew that Don loved stories, and most people knew that I loved to tell stories more than just about anything in the world. The only thing I loved more was Don. But Don wasn’t just someone who liked to hear or read a story, he loved to live the story as well, and Don and I became the story in many ways. We were both people who knew great loss, and we were both loved, but together we glowed. I did not transform him nor he me , we both became transformed by the love that God surrounded us with and allowed us to share with each other. In the first few pages of Don’s journal I told him why I was giving it to him:

“To my Dearest, Today is Friday September 20th.There are only twenty one days between now and when we begin our life together as husband and wife.Maybe you are wondering why I have asked you to write down a thought or two about each day in this book.Let me try and help you understand.
To me life is not about achievement or success, wealth, or even the here and now in many ways. LIFE IS ABOUT LOVE!GOD IS LOVE! There are no words that I could put in this journal that could ever come close to explaining the love I feel for you! I want to show you the world, but most of all I want to show you how much the world loves you! How much God loves you! HOW MUCH I LOVE YOU!
Someday, hopefully a very very very long time from now, but undoubtedly sooner than I wish, you will leave this world and I will only have the memory of you. You will be with God and I will be alone. Please give me the gift of sharing your feelings, hopes, fears, and dreams in this journal? You do not need fancy words or handwriting or even spelling to do this. Just start with a date on the page and a thought. Tape a cartoon that you like, make a note of what you did, who we saw? Maybe the weather?Who did you meet? What was the headline? What did we have for dinner?No spell check, no grammar police, no rhyming or poetry required.
Just give me the gift of you. I love you!
I will even get you started……….
Friday 9/20/2013 SUNSHINE ALL DAY!
Dancing lesson (Thank you Fred Astaire Morristown NJ)  Dinner at Diner in Morristown NJ. Stereo came in the mail.”As we Danced!

The next day Don wrote:

Saturday 9/21/2013 Women’s Soccer at DREW , DREW won in DOUBLE OVERTIME 2 to 1 !! (yes he really did put down two exclamation points) Fall is in the air. While sitting watching the game, breeze was blowing and some early oak leaves were blowing around- even though the temp was 78 Degrees and Sunny!

And so he began to write……………………… to share, to discover who he was,to embrace relationships, to experience a world that would open him to new experiences and new people,  to learn that he was a Beloved Child of God!

He began to DANCE!

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