Nov 10

By Their Strange Fruit; A blog worth taking more than a second look at!

Strange Fruit

Strange Fruit (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


“Ye shall know them by their fruit,”

(Matthew 7:16)

At BTSF, our mission is to facilitate justice and understanding across racial divides from a Christian perspective.

By approaching racial justice and reconciliation from a Christ-minded perspective, we access the relational model that Jesus sets forth, and gain an understanding of the greater impact for the Kingdom that is at stake.

We recognize that racial brokenness hinders our Christian witness to the world, and is counter to God’s will for His people. Therefore, we hope in God’s promises for a redeemed and reconciled world and rejoice  in the opportunity to participate in their fruition.

Read about the name ‘By Their Strange Fruit.’

Friday Fruit (11/08/13).

“On Fridays, BTSF offers links to other discussions about race & Christianity. It’s an opportunity for you to read about racial justice & Christianity from other perspectives, and for me to give props to the shoulders on which I stand”  Kaitlin

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