Jul 18

An Endless Supply ?

I would again like to thank Dom Perfetti of McKownville United Methodist Church for his regular contributions to this Blog ! His Reflections shared here and also within the pages of our monthly church newsletter have been a blessing of his gifts to our church. Thank you Dom ! guest-post-300x66

We all know that our world has a limited supply of natural resources. We’ve heard about conserving our resources for years, but recently, it seems like there’s been a heightened awareness. Contemporary terms like “going green”, “carbon footprint” and “sustainability” remind us each day to do our part in conserving energy and water and recycling everything we can.
Will we have enough resources to sustain the world’s population when our grandchildren are holding their grandchildren? Will technology, as good and progressive as it is, be able to continue to find scientific breakthroughs to get more and more out of less and less?
Thankfully, God has given us the spirit of innovation and creativity to continually find ways to make more efficient use of our resources. Harvesting sun power into solar energy is advancing, wind power farms can be found in many locations as we travel across the states and we seem to be recycling just about everything these days into new and useful products. But, with all that said, we still need to recognize the fact that our ideas and technological advances need to continue at rapid speed every day, because there just isn’t an endless supply of resources!
Imagine if there were an endless supply of life’s critical needs. Think of how our lives would be if what we needed most was unlimited and always available. What would that be like??
When we look beyond what our physical world offers and turn our eyes upward to our Lord, we can begin to realize what He can provide for our lives, for today and eternity. His love is has no limits, the peace He offers is endless, and our hope of eternal life with Him can never be replaced with anything the world has to offer. The gifts He provides are intended to be shared with others and given freely, as they are given freely to us by Him.
The Lord has placed the earth in our care to provide for our physical needs, and has placed us in His care to take care of our eternal needs. Jesus provides us with everything we need for this world and beyond, with an endless supply.
Enjoy the summer and God Bless,

Dom Perfetti

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    • Frank D'Ambrosio on August 1, 2013 at 11:39 pm
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    Again, Dom, well done. What you have said has been said before; but it bears repeating.

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