May 29

A World of "Differents"

A World of “Differents”
Today’s Guest Post comes to us from Dom Perfetti from McKownville United Methodist Church. Thank you Dom for sharing your thoughts with us we look forward to hearing from you again!

The world’s population today just topped seven billion. Seven billion is a huge number, and we might think that among that group, at least a few of us are the same. Of course we all know that isn’t true and we’ve been assured that God created each and every one of us unique. Some of us have similar interests as others, and perhaps a striking resemblance, but nevertheless, no two people are identical. We literally live in a world of “differents”.
It’s the differences among us that make our world interesting. The variety that we see in life stems from the different ideas and talents that each of us have. From food and clothing to art and music, and from technology and architecture to sports and hobbies, we all have some role to play in creating what seems to be an infinite amount of number of choices throughout our lives.
Yes, the differences among us certainly shape how we live. Positive change can occur when we team together and work through differences to create solutions that we never would have come up with on our own, and on the other hand, we all know all too well that differences can also create tension, hardship and conflicts that can last for ages.
With seven billion people all having different views and perspectives, how can we possibly make it all work? Is there some common thread among us that can help point us all in the right direction even though we’re all different and have our own unique ideas?
I think we all know the answer to that question. We know that no matter where we live or what our race is, and regardless of our political perspective or what our past has been like, we can all turn to the One that sees us all as His children. Jesus is the common tie among us all, yes, all seven billion of us. Accepting Jesus in our lives doesn’t change the uniqueness God gave us at birth, but it does change our hearts and understanding of the world we live in. With Christ in our lives our differences that were once sources of contention can become talents and skills to help others in need, and the worldly perspectives that cause so much pain and sorrow can become secondary to seeing the love Jesus offers each of us and how we can share that love with others.
So, the fact remains, none of us are the same and we will always live in a world of differents, but what a positive change Jesus can make in our lives as He takes our world of differents and makes a world of difference!
Have a blessed Spring,
Dom Perfetti

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