Aug 09

A View From Above

Have you had a chance to go hiking this summer? It’s a great way to get some outdoor activity and exercise at the same time. Hiking trails typically lead us to higher points where the views are beautiful and we see things more clearly from a different perspective. You might even hear now and then, “Look honey, that’s where we should have turned!” or perhaps, “It would have been nice to have this view when we were trying to find our hotel!”
Yes, getting on higher ground can shed the light needed to put us in a new frame of mind. It’s amazing how much clearer things can be when we trek to the high points and look at the world around us.
So whether we’re on a hiking trail, or on a plane or even in a seat at the upper deck of a stadium, we have a much broader perspective of how the world below us seems to “fit together”. We can see the connecting streets and intersections, the towns and major highways, and when at sporting events, we can see the game develop before our eyes.
Sometimes it seems like our lives can be like driving through the “congested streets” and getting lost is as simple as making one wrong turn. If only we had the view from above we’d clearly see our way and stay clear of trouble.
Directions while traveling are made simpler these days by plugging in a GPS, but what about the decisions and directions we need to lead our everyday lives? What do we do when we’re so deep into the weeds that we can’t see our way to a good decision? Where do we turn? How do we gain the perspective we need to avoid making one wrong turn after another?
The answer to gaining that perspective from above lies with the One who sees us from above. Jesus has the higher perspective that we all need. He is looking down upon us as we attempt to navigate through the busy streets of our lives, and clearly sees the direction we need to go. Calling on Him outperforms any GPS and can be relied upon for the direction we need for any set of circumstances we face.
Jesus knows our past, our present and our future. Relying on His direction will provide us with comfort for our entire lives as we cast our needs into His hands and pray for His guidance every day. He’s there, He knows the Way and He will answer our prayers with His clear vision and view from above.
Have a wonderful and blessed summer.

We thank Dom Perfetti from McKownville United Methodist Church for this post.

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