May 18

A BLOG FOR EVERYONE Why did I title this post “A BLOG FOR EVERYONE” ? Because everyone is most likely all of these four things a) afraid of getting this disease b) afraid of their loved one getting this disease c)knows someone with or finally d)knows someone who is caring for someone who has this disease. If you know me by now, and most of you do, you know that my passion is doing ministry with people in their second half of life, or in ministering to those who are in the latter part of their life. Sometimes that means dealing with diseases that are hard to understand, hard to treat, hard to accept, and hard to talk about. Alzheimer’s Disease is one of those such diseases and the link to the blog above by Lori LeBay does a wonderful job of talking about it, providing resources for people living with it, people living with a loved one living with it, and for those of us living in fear of it. A very good friend of mine confided to me one day that she had Alzheimer’s Disease one afternoon about seven or eight years ago, at that time I would see her a couple times a week and we were very close, since then she has been busier with her family and I have been busier with school and many other things, I saw her not long ago when she came to an event I was attending. Fearing the progression of the disease, I did not expect her to remember me besides myself there were at least half a dozen other people there that she had not seen in at least four years, I really was overcome when I realized she remembered us all ! We may not hear about a Prophet parting the Sea to save his people very often these days, but miracles are still happening and sometimes they happen in Doctor’s offices all over the country or even in big pharmaceutical companies doing research for a disease. So while I am not comparing Pfizer to Moses, I want to thank a very special lady with a lovely French accent for showing me that sometimes miracles do still happen ! Thank you Lori La Bey for your wonderful work !

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  1. lovely blog — thanks for sharing, Christine.

  2. Very thought provoking, but also very encouraging

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